House Republicans Call for Action on Surge


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House Republicans Call

In a letter addressed to Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, 22 House Republicans voiced their “serious concern” over what they describe as an “unprecedented surge in apprehensions” along the northern U.S.-Canada border. Spearheading this effort are Reps. Mike Kelly of Pennsylvania and Ryan Zinke of Montana, co-chairs of the Northern Border Security Caucus, alongside members Rep. Nick Langworthy of New York and House Conference Chair Rep. Elise Stefanik, also from New York. They highlight a staggering 114% increase in apprehensions along this border during the current fiscal year compared to the same period in FY2023.

Concerns Over Rising Apprehensions

House Republicans Call

Border Patrol data reveals a significant uptick in apprehensions along the northern border. In the first four months of the 2024 fiscal year, Border Patrol agents have already apprehended 4,772 individuals, compared to 2,229 during the same period in FY2023. These figures underscore the gravity of the situation and the need for immediate action.

Impact on Security and Communities

House Republicans Call

Rep. Zinke, reflecting on his recent visit to the southern border, underscores the administration’s responsibility in addressing the crisis. He points out that despite the less formidable nature of the northern border compared to the southern one, it is not immune to security threats. Zinke raises concerns about individuals on the terrorist watch list and emphasizes the urgent need for enhanced border security measures.

Addressing Border Challenges

The letter to Secretary Mayorkas outlines several key concerns and demands specific actions from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). It calls for policies aimed at securing the northern border, combating illegal immigration and drug smuggling, and supporting Border Patrol agents facing morale challenges amidst the ongoing crisis. Additionally, it seeks clarity on the strategies employed by DHS to address the surge in illegal activities and allocate necessary resources to mitigate the strain on local communities and law enforcement.

As apprehensions along the northern border continue to rise, House Republicans are urging swift and decisive action from the Biden administration. With security and public safety at stake, addressing the challenges posed by illegal immigration and drug smuggling is paramount. The letter to Secretary Mayorkas serves as a call to action, emphasizing the need for concrete measures to safeguard border communities and uphold national security interests.

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