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Wild Tiger Temple

Is it mental power or total stillness of the Buddhist monks which makes them feel comfortable playing around with wild tigers. Some would say, well they are tamed but the question is: "How tame can a tiger be?".

I had to sign a waiver that in case I was attacked I won't sue the temple for any damages. The tigers are let out of the cages every afternoon for about half an hour. Small children as well as red clothes are not allowed. Try to keep your voice and movements down to a minimum. Also they won't let you in with anything bigger then a normal video/photo camera.

Scenes like this where the monkey is looking for food on the back of the deer are everywhere in this compound. You really need to come and experience this by yourself. The government tries to shut this place down but the monchs won't allow it as the temple is also used as a tiger conservation camp.


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