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The Tall Monk - Exorcist and Healer

It's almost impossible to find this temple without a guide, I would have no clue whatsoever how to find this place or even this guide again. Hidden in the suburbs of Bangkok this place means hope for many people who have suffered from bad luck and believe that evil spirits have influence over their lives. "Tall Monk" as he is respectfully called is the monk to see...with his 2.30 meters in height definitely one of the most impressive exorcist I have seen.

We arrive just in time in the late morning when the locals get together in the temples' meeting room. Little bags are given to everybody who gives a 100 baht note. Inside the bag a white string, some flowers...people wind the string around their head and throw the other end of the string over a string net attached to the ceiling which leads to the hand of the "Tall Monk" sitting in front of the audience. Now, their are "connected" to him.

Some look back to me probably wondering what a western tourist is doing in such a private place but soon the monk starts to talk and all heads turn to him. Suddenly a older woman starts screaming and shaking...quickly a few boys, helpers of the monk, come and carry the woman in front of the monk...he speaks strongly to her (to the spirit inside her) asking questions holding his hand onto her body and finally calming her down.

A typically buddhist ceremony follows with all attendants praying their mantras. Finally the strings are taken of the heads.

Now its time for the final stage of cleansing: the water shower by the "Tall Monk". First the women, sitting in a row on a simple balcony just covered with a cotton sheet. The monk comes from behind, supported by his helpers, and splashes water over their bodies (see picture below, woman on the very left) several times.

The cleaning ritual is finished. We refresh ourselves with a homemade sandwich icecream, served like a hotdog and a Thai ice tea, its 1pm and we have a 12 hour car ride back to Phuket in front of us.


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