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Nakhon Pathom Pagoda - Tallest Buddhist Monument in the World

Although it is one of the oldest city in Thailand and may have been inhabited as early as 300 BC, Nakhon Pathom offers only one visual connection with its past: Pra Pathorm Chedi, the talles Buddhist monument in the world. The 127 metre spire waSs given its present from in 1860 by King Mongkut who restored and significantly modified a structure that had lay in ruins since 1057. The initial monument at the site was erested in the eraly 6th century, the city was conquered by Suriyavarman I, a Khmer king from Angkor who built a Brahman-style prang over the existing structure. A short time later the city was sacked by the Burmese and the prang lay in ruins until King Mongkut recreated it when he built a chedi over the remains of the prang. Nakhon Pathom can easily be reached by both bus and train.

Lin a one of the big gongs (used for praying).

Some of the walkways are rather an experience :-)


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