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Orchids and The Dancing Tea

In 1977, Mr. Pradit Kampermpool bred a new orchid species by crossing V. Josphine van Berrow with V. Denisoniana. He gave it the name "Miss Udorn Sunshine" which officially registered with the world orchid society in Great Britain. It is the only known Vanda hyprid which is fragrant between the early morning hours and about 2pm, and it is the first orchid in the world to be made into a perfume. She is naturally extracted and blended with just a touch of citrus, lemon grass and kaffir-lime leaf for balance.

The Udorn Sunshine orchid

Perfume from roots and insects also available...great smell!

Lin talking to The Udorn Dancing Plant.

Udorn Dancing Tea

This herbal tea is yielded from the Udorn Dancing Plants, a hybrid of Codariocalyx Motorius Ohashi Leguminosae, also known as the "Telegraph Plant", because of it's ability to respond to sounds like music, singing, gentle talk, as well as meditation and telepathy by moving it's leaves with movements comparable to the Thai classical dance. Extract from this herbal plant was used in some parts of ancient Thailand as a preventive against several diseases. They called it by the name Cha Chalor Chara, meaning "anti-aging tea". However, it came close to being extinguished, but recent hybrid research has secured the existence of this plant for future beneficiary to humans.

Recent laboratory tests, as approved by the Thai Herbal Isntitution of the Ministry of Public Health, have revealed that the antioxidant level of The Dancing Tes is very high. Drinking it will help preventing and curing cancer in the stomach and intestines, remove fever, keeping urinary tract clean and cure physical nerve damage.

Drinking this tea, you will experience strengthening of your immunity system, smoothening of your skin and a general increase of your health.

Lin with Dr. Pradit Kampermpool in Udorn Thani province.

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