Sacred Sites in Thailand

Sacred Sites

Discover sacred sites, buddhist temples, holy caves, exorcists, spiritual healers and religious art in Thailand.

Little Tiger Cave

The trick with the gong is not to hit it but to rub it ... yep, no joke: gently rub it like you would give a massage, in the middle circle from the bottom to the top, repeating it about 10 times ... by now you should hear already the hummin sound of the gong .. continue to rub stronger and stronger until the hummin becomes one of the most impressive natural sounds I have ever come across ... if you have problems figuring it out then simply ask one of the monks who will gladly assist you...

Inside the cave you will find an old burial chamber and several meditation chambers ... lots of stray dogs and cats taking care by the monks ...

The famous gong ...

Lin and Valentine

Meditation chamber with moskito nets deep inside the caves


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