Sacred Sites in Thailand

Sacred Sites

A colorful collection of sacred sites, buddhist temples, caves, exorcists and healers in Thailand

Welcome to our sacred sites website introducing the wonderful magic and spiritual locations and people in the Kingdom of Thailand. From holy caves and buddhist temples to sacred mountains, traditional healers and other spiritual masters. Amazing surprises, smiling faces and peaceful places await you and will create unforgetable memories. This website reflects some of our spiritual travel experiences and we wish you much joy looking through our sacred sites pages.


Bats Cave Temple
The biggest concentration of bats in Thailand: 100 million bats flying over your head every day at 6pm. You've seen Hitchock's "Birds"? Similar, just 99,9 million flying creatures more.
The first capital of the Kingdom of ruins in huge parks north of Bangkok.
Shell Pond Temple
Colorful chinese temple with lots of sculptures...great views!
Holy City Hill
Overlooking the town Petchaburi on top of the hill...landscaping with japanese influence and lots of hungry monkeys!
King's Palace
One of the main attractions in Bangkok...but definitely too many people and commercial!
Pho Temple
Famous for its huge Buddha statue and traditional Thai massage school.
Tall Monk
Would you consider a monk with 2.30 meters in height as tall? Intense experience with one of the most famous exorcist and spiritual healer in Thailand.
Temple of Dawn
Impressive Buddha statue and detailed mural art.
Wild Tiger Temple
See the mental power of buddhist monks when playing with wild tigers...oh and yes, there are no fences!
Prapathom Pagoda
The biggest pagoda in Thailand.
Erawan Cave
The 3 headed elephant cave.

Sacred Sites in SOUTH THAILAND

Dragon Cave
The healing place for cancer and HIV patients. A special hot tea made of a unique tree bark and lots of meditation deep inside the caves as effective cleansing tools.
Buddha Cave
Stairs going up in the middle of nowhere...beautiful view....impressive dripstone cave.
Sireh Temple
Lovely views over Phang Nga and Phuket Town...huge lying Buddha inside the temple.
Riang Temple
Surrounded by rural areas and views to Phang Nga bay these hills are easy to reach by car.
Little Tiger Cave
Meditation chambers within dripstone cave and burial chambers.
Tiger Cave/Mountain
1,400 steps (600 meters) straight up to the top of the mountain...take your time....its worth it!
Chalong Temple
The famous temple of Phuket

Sacred Sites in NORTH THAILAND

Orchids and The Dancing Tea
The world first perfume made of an orchid. Discover the benfits of The Dancing Tea plant.
Golden Triangle
Where Thailand - Burma - Laos come together.
Mae Salong (The Tea Mountain)
Homegrown tea in a tiny mountain village.
Chiang Dao Cave
Buddhist temple inside a cave.
Religious Art
Beautiful wall paintings on a buddhist temple (So Peng) wall.
Khao Yoi Cave
The biggest cave in Thailand.
Padong Hilltribe
...or otherwise known as the "long necks".
Inthanon Mountain
3341 meters, the highest mountain in Thailand....refreshing temperatures, amazing views and a georgous flower garden.
Suthep Mountain Temple
Much detail in artistic construction work...great view over Chiang Mai Town.

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